Annette Schall had just moved to the community when she found a place that felt like family.

“When you grow up in a small town and move away, you miss knowing people at the grocery store and seeing your friends at church,” she said, saying she lived in Harvey and Hazen before moving to Jamestown.

Adding to her loneliness, Schall felt pain in her knee. The physical pain contributed to emotional pain – and reduced quality of life.


“I sat around all summer. I didn’t know people and I didn’t feel well enough to get to know people,” she said.

She’d had the knee replaced at another facility in 2013. However, by March 2019, she was ready to see a doctor again. This time, she chose Jamestown Regional Medical Center.

Her husband, Kevin Wanzek, recommended Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Michael T. Dean. The JRMC Orthopedic Clinic specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves. The specialty includes procedures such as total joint replacements of the hip, knee and shoulder, knee arthroscopy and fracture repair.

“Total knee replacement is a popular operation because it reliably restores quality of life to a patient,” Dr. Dean said. “A total knee replacement restores function and reduces pain, making it one of the best procedures for patients with these needs.”

Wanzek reported good experiences and successful outcomes after wrist, ankle and shoulder surgeries with Dr. Dean.

Schall scheduled with Dr. Dean and his team. By her surgery, she felt comfortable enough to croon the tunes of her favorite recording artist – county singer George Strait. Schall says she even sang as the anesthesia team put her to sleep.

Legendary Healthcare

After Schall’s experience, she was impressed enough to apply for a job. With a background in admissions at a dental clinic, Schall applied for a position in the JRMC Patient Access Management Department.

Soon, she was both a patient and an employee.

“When hiring employees, JRMC looks for difference makers who are committed to legendary care,” said Alison Kennison, patient access and patient financial services manager. “That’s what’s made us a Best Place to Work in Healthcare nationwide.”

Schall said she was grateful for the new knee and the new job.

“The people here, they take such good care of you. Even though you don’t know them, you feel like they are family,” she said.

Today, Schall is back to enjoying life. Her summer plans include traveling to Las Vegas and attending two George Strait concerts.

To learn more about orthopedics and Dr. Dean, call (701) 952-4878.


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