Congratulations to team Get ‘ER done, the top point earner for New Year, New You challenge week two. Team Get ‘ER done includes seven participants from the Emergency Department at Jamestown Regional Medical Center.

NYNY is an eight-week wellness challenge that encourages participants to develop positive lifestyle changes.

NYNY is about exercising and eating right. It’s also about staying healthy. One way to improve or maintain health is through proper foot care, especially during winter.

“An essential role of Vitamin D is to absorb calcium, which further promotes bone health and growth,” said JRMC Podiatrist/ Foot & Ankle Surgeon, Dr. Kayla Emter. “If Vitamin D levels are low, which is common in winter when individuals aren’t getting enough sun, the bones in a person’s feet and ankles may not be strong enough to support the body. This can lead to pain and stress fractures.”

Take care of those feet and walk, skip or jump to your next community event. Attending a community activity outside of normal activities will yield each participant five bonus points this week. In addition, attendees can earn extra points for the work-friendly Lose Your Lap exercises and the more intense High-Intensity Interval Training.

“We don’t always think about how important healthy feet are to a healthy life,” Dr. Emter said. “Healthy feet mean we can exercise to maintain and improve our physical health. Healthy feet also allow us to work, take care of family and visit friends, meaning we can care for our social and mental health.”

Team points are due by 8 a.m. on Tuesday.