One nurse instructor said she couldn’t have hiked with her students in Africa without the care of her medical team after suffering from a torn meniscus.

Penny Briese, Edgeley, serves as Assistant Professor and SIM/Lab Coordinator at the University of Jamestown. Part of her role includes chaperoning international travel opportunities for students, along with another nurse educator. The trips last for three weeks and students deliver healthcare as well as visit schools and orphanages.

That almost changed in 2017 when Briese injured her knee, resulting in a torn meniscus.


Briese has a master’s degree in nursing. She is also a former emergency medical technician and paramedic. She knows what to look for when selecting high-quality medical care. She chose Jamestown Regional Medical Center “because it’s the best!”

“As a nurse educator, I’ve witnessed how Jamestown Regional Medical Center’s entire orthopedic department, from the front registration desk all the way through to the nurses and surgeons, not only truly care for their patients but treat the UJ nursing students and the patient care unit staff with respect,” Briese said.

With the help of Dr. Timothy Volk, Briese said she was walking without crutches the day after the surgery of her torn meniscus and hiking in Africa the next month.

Dr. Volk joined the JRMC team in 2016 as the second orthopedic surgeon. The North Dakota native said he enjoys seeing patients improve.

“Earning the trust of someone with Penny’s education and experience is an honor. I’m glad to care for her so she can continue caring for our future nurses,” Dr. Volk said.

As part of educating nurses, the UJ team works with students at the PCEA Chogora Hospital.

“We stay at a secure compound at the top of a huge hill and have to walk up and down every day, sometimes several times a day! I’m on my feet all day long, supervising students in the hospital. And we walk all over the town, shopping and visiting other healthcare sites. The ability to walk is a MUST!”

Her students worried about her overdoing it.

“But it was no problem at all,” she said.

Today, she is continuing to educate her students about high-quality care and how to provide it.

“I have always been so impressed with the way teamwork isn’t just a word at JRMC, but a true philosophy. It’s the best! And it sets the tone for the future nurses I am training, to continue on that path of respect and kindness.”

To learn more about Dr. Timothy Volk, torn meniscus, knee surgery or orthopedics at JRMC, call (701) 952-4878.


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