Men’s health below the belt can make a person squeamish, but ignoring real symptoms can have a devastating effect.

“Silence can be our worst enemy. Talking about these issues and seeing a specialist are the necessary steps to below-the-belt health,” said Dr. Robert Bates, urologist at Jamestown Regional Medical Center.

Create a #GROWvember team and create awareness to men’s health below the belt. 

To help start those hairy conversations, Jamestown Regional Medical Center along with various community partners are offering a #GROWvember beard-growing contest. The contest runs through Sunday, Nov. 22.

Misinformation about men’s health issues is abundant, Bates said, in part because it’s so private. Some of the most common ailments Bates sees are: incontinence, low energy and erectile dysfunction.

Important questions you ‘mustache’ yourself:

  1. How often do you go to the bathroom?
  2. When you go, is it urgent?
  3. Do you have blood in your urine?
  4. How are things in the bedroom?
  5. Are you feeling out of energy?

Various treatment options are available locally. Patients can self-refer, meaning they don’t have to visit their primary physician first. They can make an appointment directly at JRMC. That cuts down on embarrassing conversations, Bates said.

The #GROWvember contest is free to enter. Prizes awarded include but are not limited to: Best Beard, Best Stache, Best Effort and most money raised. All proceeds benefit JRMC’s upcoming cancer center. A special event to announce the winners is set for Tuesday, Nov. 28 at Jonny B’s Brickhouse in Jamestown. A full list of rules is available here.

In addition to the contest, JRMC is teaming up with Hope, Health and Healing to offer an educational seminar. Men’s Cancer: The Stuff Nobody Talks About is set for Thursday, Nov. 16 at 7 p.m. Dr. Bates will hold a discussion about cancer and men’s general health below the belt, at the Legacy Center (old Jamestown Hospital).

Let’s move from embarrassed to empowered.

To schedule an appointment, call JRMC Urology at (701) 952-4878.