Have you heard?

Jamestown Regional Medical Center is offering a free screening event to check your hearing, memory and/or speech.

The free screenings are available May 9-11. That day is for area residents who’ve noticed their spouse keeps telling them to turn down the TV. Or perhaps a parent doesn’t remember names and dates as well as they used to.

The screenings include one or more of the following:
* hearing tests
* adult memory screenings
* pediatric language screenings

JRMC held an event like this in March. Since that day filled up, JRMC is offering three days in May to meet the demand.

“Every adult should have a baseline hearing test.  Hearing loss can happen at any age, and it’s important to get tested on a yearly basis if there is a known hearing loss,” said JRMC Audiologist Susan Matthiesen.

Matthiesen is a certified audiologist and has been in practice for over 25 years. She joined the JRMC staff in 1996.

People who work in industries around machinery and consistent noise are especially at risk for hearing loss Matthiesen said. In many cases, those industries include manufacturing and agriculture, two common professions in the Jamestown area.

Screenings take about 15-30 minutes. If a referral is needed, JRMC will work with primary care physicians to provide for a full evaluation.

“Has your mom seemed forgetful lately? Or do you have a child that shows signs of language delay? Take advantage of this screening and get answers,” said Speech Therapist Rebecca Gussiaas.

Gussiaas is a Speech-Language pathologist who joined the JRMC team in 2015.

Screening times must be scheduled in advance. To schedule yours, call (701) 952-4800.

“Hearing and memory are so important to your everyday life, don’t let those areas become afterthoughts in your healthcare,” Gussiaas said.