Vasectomies, traditional versus no-scalpel: What’s the difference?

Vasectomies are a permanent form of male birth control. Originally, doctors performed the surgery in an operating room. The procedure required heavy anesthesia and several days of recovery. Today, many doctors perform the 15-minute procedure in a clinic, using only local anesthesia.


In his 35-year career, Jamestown Regional Medical Center’s urologist, Dr. Robert Bates, has performed more than 2,000 no-scalpel vasectomies.

“While both are outpatient procedures, the traditional vasectomy requires sutures while the other, no-scalpel vasectomy, does not,” said Dr. Bates.

This is not the only difference in why a male should choose to go no-scalpel when it comes to their vasectomy. No-scalpel is the preferred method of people who are interested in:

  • Reduced pain: The results of a no-scalpel vasectomy includes less bleeding, bruising, infection and pain. This is due to a small puncture of the skin that is the size of a pin-hole versus cutting the scrotum’s skin.
  • Saving time: The average no-scalpel vasectomy takes half of the time of a traditional.
  • Fast recovery. Most men return to work 48-72 hours after the procedure.
  • Regular sex life. With no decrease of a man’s libido or impact on his hormones, he will be back to scoring on the homecourt in about a week. Most men are ready for sexual activity by the postseason.
  • However, men are not instantly sterile after a vasectomy. The length of time can vary, however, most men aren’t sterile until eight to 16 weeks after the procedure. JRMC laboratory will complete a semen analysis at one and two months after the procedure.

As part of the madness of March, men who schedule their vasectomies this month will receive a special gift to help with the healing process.

The ball is in your court. Call and schedule your vasectomy directly with Dr. Bates. Don’t bench the idea, make the call (701) 952-4878.



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