Congratulations to Team SCHSC, the top point earner for New Year New You Challenge Week 3.

NYNY is an eight-week wellness challenge that encourages participants to develop positive lifestyle changes.

Team SCHSC includes 10 participants from South Central Human Service Center. Three hundred people from 26 teams are participating in this year’s challenge.

NYNY is about exercising and eating right. It’s also about staying healthy. One way to improve or maintain health is through proper care of our hearing.

While limited to the ears, hearing loss can impact a person’s entire well-being no matter his or her age. Without proper hearing, work, leisure and even relationships may suffer.

One way to help stop hearing loss is to reduce exposure to loud noises, said Dr. W. Thomas Coombe, JRMC Ear, Nose & Throat specialist. Hunting, riding motorcycles, sitting in busy traffic and even wearing headphones longer than an hour can damage the ear.

To mitigate this risk, Dr. Coombe recommends using noise-canceling headphones instead of turning up the volume to cover outside noise. People can also take a break from long periods of noise like during a motorcycle ride or concert. After a prolonged exposure, give your ears 18 hours to recover, he said.

For this week’s NYNY bonus points, use those healthy ears to listen to the Intercollegiate Band Concert at the University of Jamestown. Attending the concert will yield each participant five bonus points. In addition, attendees can earn extra points for the work-friendly Lose Your Lap exercises and the more intense High Intensity Interval Training.

Teams’ points are due by 10 a.m. Tuesday.