Jamestown Regional Medical Center received its certification of its pulmonary rehabilitation this week. JRMC began the program in 2012.
Emily Hoffman leads the Jamestown Regional Medical Center’s New Year, New You worksite wellness program.

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This annual event is for the Jamestown area and runs for 8 weeks starting in January. New Year, New You helps Jamestown become the healthiest community in which to live, learn, work and play.

Insurance premiums and costs have been a hot topic over the past few years and the concern continues both at the individual perspective and for businesses wanting to provide their employees with the best benefit packages possible. When employees are sick a company’s health insurance claims are increased. The increase in claims leads to an increase in insurance premiums and costs for both the employee and employer.

Enter worksite wellness.

Worksite wellness promotes healthy lifestyles to employees and their families through education and activities both in and out of the workplace. Wellness is more than the absence of disease; it has a broader perspective than just physical health. When a company is dedicated to the multi-dimensional wellness of its employees, employees are happier and healthier, absenteeism is reduced, productivity increased and fewer health insurance claims are processed.

Jamestown Regional Medical Center’s annual New Year, New You community wellness challenge is an opportunity to enhance worksite wellness. Teams are developed either at work or amongst friends; these teams compete community-wide to earn the highest point value weekly as well as overall. Each individual earns points every day for participating in healthy lifestyle activities such as time spent in physical activity, drinking water, eating fruits and vegetables, and getting enough sleep. Bonus points are earned for completing each weekly challenge; this year’s weekly challenges feature stress management strategies.

In last year’s annual New Year, New You community wellness challenge, participants lost more than 327 pounds!

Many other great comparison improvements were identified through the challenge’s surveys. They include:

  • General health rating of Very Good or Excellent increased from 35% to 45%
  • Consumption of 3 or more fruit servings increased from 36% to 74%
  • Consumption of 3 or more vegetable servings increased from 43% to 69%
  • Outside the home meal preparation/consumption decreased from 68% to 53%
  • Experience of regular tension decreased from 39% to 21%
  • Experience of sleeplessness decreased from 48% to 27%
  • Increase from 50% to 70% in respondents choosing Rarely or Never in answer to feeling overwhelmed or unable to cope with the pace of life

JRMC invites all community members to participate in our 2017 challenge, which starts Monday January 9th and runs through Sunday, March 5th.

Join us in becoming the healthy difference.

Emily Hoffman, JRMC Exercise Physiologist