Below-the-belt health can make faces blush. It can also make faces very hairy. Jamestown area #GROWvember teams helped get the word out about men’s health below-the-belt this fall. They know that ignoring real symptoms can have a devastating effect.

Teams grew beards and mustaches to bring attention to issues in the bedroom and bathroom. Jamestown Regional Medical Center recognized those teams on Tuesday, Jan. 31 at its #GROWvember ‘Stache Bash.

“Misinformation about men’s health issues is abundant,” said Dr. Robert Bates, JRMC Urologist. “Men’s health can be a private issue. But, silence is often our worst enemy.”

The most common conditions that Dr. Bates sees are incontinence, low energy and erectile dysfunction. Various treatment options are available locally. Most patients don’t have to visit their primary physician before making an appointment. Individuals can make an appointment directly at JRMC. That cuts down on embarrassing conversations, Bates said.

Teams also raised $3,400 for JRMC’s upcoming cancer center.

“This is a huge win for JRMC and for anyone battling cancer,” said JRMC Foundation Director Lisa Jackson.

JRMC awarded prizes to some of the top teams. Those awards include:

  • ‘Stache-tacular Award: Team Rad Rod
  • Panache-stache Award: Team Clinic
  • Peach Fuzz Award: Chris Lunde, Team Emergency Department
  • Founding Fathers Award: Team Rehab
  • Most ticklish Award: Team Anesthesia
  • Bristliest Award: Team Northern Plains Electric Cooperative and Team Broadcasters with Beards
  • Cashiest ‘Stache Award: Team All About the Beard — No Stubble
  • Cashiest ‘Stache Award, pt. 2: Team Hillerud
  • Mass ‘Stache Appeal Award: Team Hillerud
  • Classiest ‘Stache Award: Shawn Haakenson, Team All About the Beard — No Stubble

Learn about men’s health below the belt. Or, schedule an appointment, 952-4878.