Jamestown Regional Medical Center hopes a little fun and good news will put a few smiles on faces while reducing the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19). JRMC purchased its second Xenex LightStrike germ-zapping robot – and we need your help to name it!

The robot pulses environmentally-friendly xenon ultraviolet (UV) light and destroys microscopic bacteria, viruses or other microorganisms.

It is 99.9% effective in enhancing environmental cleanliness by destroying hard-to-kill superbugs in hard-to-clean places.

The use of R.O.S.I.E. has increased dramatically since the opening of the JRMC Cancer Center as well as the expansion of specialty care and because of the pandemic.

More than 400 healthcare facilities around the world use Xenex’s germ-zapping robots. Numerous healthcare facilities credit Xenex for helping them reduce their infection rates significantly. Several hospitals have published their C.diff, MRSA and surgical site infection rate reduction studies in peer-reviewed journals.

To celebrate getting the newest Xenex robot to help R.O.S.I.E., JRMC asks children and adults to participate in a Name-The-Robot contest. More than 200 children from Jamestown and rural schools submitted coloring pages and suggestions for names in 2018.  JRMC hopes they’ll do the same this year.

Vote here to select a name for the new robot.

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