Editor’s note: Living in a rural area, Brittney Bain and her family traveled many miles to care for her newborn son. The family’s time, and finances, struggled. When Dr. W. Thomas Coombe joined Jamestown Regional Medical Center as an Ear, Nose & Throat specialist in 2017, life changed for Bain and her family. Bain shared the following story with Jamestown.

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Living in a rural community close to the SD state line, having children always require medical care. Once I had my second child in 2014, we found out he has Down Syndrome. This required more medical care, a team, more then what is offered by our city. We would travel to the larger cities, Fargo and Bismark, even Minnesota.

Once JRMC opened last year with a new ENT I was beyond excited! Our travel time is cut in half, the staff, the facility is always clean and fast!

We use Dr. Coombe. The whole office is well-informed and communicates well. Which is nice, I don’t have to repeat myself over and over in every meeting or room. They also listen and care about my family’s personal goals.

They have more than just an ENT there that accepts my now 4-year-old son. Since things have been so nice there I plan on going there for my own health issues instead of packing up the family for a few days and going to the bigger cities.

I am very grateful for the new specialists, and a new medical team that accepts pediatrics along with adults!

Keep it up Jamestown Regional Medical Center! I can’t wait to see what you can accomplish in this area.